Diving in Patagonia

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Arrival at Buenos Aires. Transfer to Sofitel Hotel.
We will enjoy a nice city tour to explore Buenos Aires City. We will visit the Plaza de Mayo, the historic, political and foundational epicenter of the city; surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, the House of Government, the Cabildo, and the Municipality. Continue south through old streets of San Telmo, tango district ... More to the South, they will visit La Boca, with its Boca Juniors Stadium, the greatest exponent of the Argentine Passion, Football. Visit to ¨Caminito¨, center of tourist attraction. Through the old port, they will see how the physiognomy of the city is changing; until they reach Puerto Madero, the most modern and luxurious neighborhood of it. We will visit Palermo, a residential neighborhood with parks and elegant
buildings, such as the San Martiniano Institute and various embassies, museums, and significant monuments. Continue to Av. Del Libertador, we will finally reach the sophisticated Recoleta, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods where, among other attractions, we will find the famous cemetery with elegant cafes and restaurants; thus arriving at the end of the ride. Before ending, we will visit Colón Theatre, exploring the Main Hall, the Foyer, the Busts Gallery and the Golden Hall, learning about architecture, staircases, sculptures, ceilings and vitreaux.
Transfer to Domestic Airport. Arrival at Bariloche and transfer to Alma del Lago Hotel.
Day at Leisure
This day we will make two dives in different places of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Both are very different from each other. DON LUIS SHIPWRECK IN HUEMUL ISLAND: Only about 1300 meters from the coast, on Huemul Island, is the Don Luis Shipwreck, which is about 14 meters deep, and the peculiarity of being in a vertical position, leaning on her stern, and having her bow above the surface. A dive that starts from the shore, simple and very attractive, to explore this wooden boat with impeccable visibility which allows us to fully enjoy it. GALLINA ISLAND: 3 km away from the coast, we will be able to enjoy this beautiful island, in which we will have the possibility of doing some wall dives, with a depth that reaches about 40 meters with unbeatable visibility.
Full day visit and Diving in Lake Traful. In front of the pier of the town of Villa Traful in the province of Neuquén, is this diving point, which we will arrive on board. This excursion can only be done by certified divers since very good buoyancy control management is needed to avoid damaging this underwater wonder. It will be carried out with small groups of 4 people per guide. Note on divings in Bariloche: Neopremme suit and 1 or 2 tank will be included depending on the activity.
Day at Leisure
Transfer to Bariloche Airport. Arrival at Trelew and direct transfer to Puerto Piramides. Accommodation at Las Restingas Hosteria.
In the afternoon, we will watch the Southern Right Whales. This activity lasts approximately two hours. (Boat shared with other passengers)
We will carry out a diving activity together with the members of the Sub Project Foundation. We will share this experience with Gonzalo Bravo. He is one of the founders of Proyecto Sub foundation.
Today we will carry out the following diving activities: DIVING WITH SEA LIONS – PUNTA LOMA RESERVE According to the data, Punta Loma was created in 1967 and was the first nature reserve in the province of Chubut. The objective of its creation was clear: to preserve and protect the only permanent colony of sea lions, a species of mammals that is distributed along the entire Atlantic and Pacific coast of Argentine and Chilean Patagonia. FOLIAS SHIPWRECK This was a fishing vessel of 60 meters long, that shipwrecked in the 1970s, listing completely to port and resting on a clay bottom in front of Paraná beach, 300 meters from the tide line. It is semi-sunken, with part of the structure and the starboard side coming out at low tide. It is
covered by algae, anemones and polyps, molluscs (cholgas, mussels, mussels, etc.) and crustaceans (dog teeth, crabs, sea spiders, etc.). Inside, groupers and nocturnal octopuses can be found.
This day the Adventure will be based on the following activities:


Fishing vessel of about 30 meters length, was intentionally sunk on 09.19.98 for its use in recreational diving. It sits on a sandy bottom, slightly listing to port. Animal and plant life is on the surprising increase, because less than a year after the sinking large numbers of lobsters (crustaceans), crabs, sea spiders, sea potatoes, red, brown and green algae were observed, and currently bream, grouper and salmon on its surface.

The Urabain was a fishing and refrigerator ship with a length of 79 meters and a beam of 12 meters that displaced 1,730 tons. It was built in 1976. During September 2017, the ship was in Puerto Madryn when it caught fire. The initial intention was for the ship to be in the righting position, but the ship listed, thus remaining at a depth of 30 metres
Today we will carry out the following diving activities:


In March 2004, the Antonio Miralles ship was sunk, with 70 meters of cloth. It has wide internal spaces which allows a safe penetration to its bridge and engine room. It is very well prepared to enter through different compartments. It has a great variety of marine life in full proliferation. It is located 15 minutes by boat, with a maximum depth of 28 meters. at high tide and 20 meters at low tide.


Artificial reef created from an illegal Chinese fishing boat seized in the waters of the Argentine Sea by the Argentine Naval Prefecture, is the most recent of the sinkings. It is completely listed to starboard. As for the life that is found, it is not very rich yet, consisting of sea squirts, sea urchins, crabs and stars mostly. It has been prepared for recreational diving, with all possible accesses covered by bars. This makes penetration impossible, allowing only external exploration. With a maximum depth of 30 meters, it is ideal to extended dives using nitrox, since it is 69 meters long, 11 meters wide and 5.2 meters deep.

Note on diving activities in the Puerto Madryn area:

The duration of the excursion with two dives in the same departure (we do one dive and then the other without going ashore) is approximately 4 hours, depending on the pace of the group. The net duration of each dive depends on the depth of the site, normally in deep wrecks 30' maximum and in wolves and shallow sites about 40'. In the boat a snack is served on board: coffee, tea, water, flavored water and something sweet. If the diver has particular preferences regarding snacks, it is posible to bring them on its own. A frequently asked question is about filming and photography, we have optional photo and video service but you can bring your cameras or filming and photography equipment. The diving itinerary is tentative and depends directly on the weather conditions of the previous day. We always try to go to the places that present the best visibility conditions for the practice of diving and we recommend alternating a site (reef or shipwreck) of shallow depth with an ancient or contemporary shipwreck of greater depth, but we are always available for what the group of divers prefer. Horizontal visibility is closely associated with winds, tides and currents, normally having a range that varies between 6 to 8 meters. The temperature of the water is around 10 to 20°C, depending on the seasons of the year. Equipment: 7mm neoprene WET SUIT, helmet, gloves, socks, boots, fins, mask, snorkel, tanks, compensating vest, complete regulator with octopus, pressure gauge, and depth gauge, weight belt), transfer by fiberglass boat, instructor guide, sailor on board.


PROYECTOSUB IN INATURALIST (this is one of the activities that they
proposed to us for the passengers)
Day at leisure
Transfer to Domestic Airport. Arrival at Ushuaia and transfer to Los Acebos Hotel.
Day at leisure.
This day we will carry out two diving activities in the Beagle Channel at different points of the channel.


Note on diving activity in Ushuaia. The dive for certified divers is a group dive, guided by an Instructor or Diving Guide. This experience includes all the equipment (including the dry suit) ONE Air tank and the guide.
The entire diving day takes approximately 4 to 5 hours..
Every land has its own secrets but not everyone is chosen to knowthem. A lighthouse in a lonely cape, a mysterious sunken ship for 40 years, and a distinguished antique estancia are some of the icons that reveal the unknown stories of Tierra del Fuego. Very early in the morning, our Tierra Turismo Team leave Ushuaia with our guests following National Route 3 and crossing The Andes through the Garibaldi Pass. Standing at 450 meters above sea level, this is one of the most interesting points of the trip. They travel about 60 kilometers when Lake Escondido surprises us in the middle of the high rocky walls. As they continue, they observe the ecosystem gradually transforming from the woods to the steppe at the northern part of the island, a region known for breeding the best lambs in the world. During the morning we go to the Provincial Route “A”, where we take a gravel road and visit the Estancia Rolito. This lovely ranch, that keeps the spirit of a family business based on sheep farming tradition, is the first ranch to open its gates to rural tourism. It is here that we make a pause for a delightful tea with home-made cakes, cookies and marmalades. Our travelers also take some time to walk around part of the gorgeous 500-hectare ancient lenga forest, taking thick green pathways with the smell of wild mint and the chirping of birds dwelling in the foliage, where there were already some wool bales from the first shearing. After enjoying this picturesque place, we continue heading toward the Atlantic Ocean and the San Pablo Cape. At this point, we hike up to an isolated mountain with an abandoned lighthouse at the end. Climbing to the top of this beacon, our guests can appreciate The Desdemona, an abandoned ship for almost 40 years ago which invites us to sail through time. It happened on a cold winter morning in 1983; when this enormous craft ran aground on the shores of the Argentine Sea. Long ago it carried many different cargoes, this time it was hundreds of cement bags that fell, resting like petrified mummies. After exploring this mysterious giant, we visit local fishermen who will invite our guests to enjoy a home-made lunch with fresh fish at their house.
Transfer to Ushuaia Airport. Arrival at Buenos Aires and Transfer to hotel.