Cultural & Spiritual Tour of Nepal

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In this tour  will Walk through ancient temples , monastery , Stupa and courtyard ; spend some time with holy sages and monks ; rejuvenate yourself in yoga and meditation to find your inner peace and harmony .

The journey begins at the heritage city of Kathmandu before passing through the picturesque city of Pokhara and thickly forested national park of Chitwan., lumbini- the birthplace of Buddha” The Enlightened one “  In this tour you will have discovered an important facet of Nepal that includes --among others-- culture, lifestyle, art, and tradition; majestic Himalayan peaks and serene lakes; and a number of wild animals and birds coexisting in a savage harmony.  



Key Features:


  • An insight into the Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal with guided visits to heritage sites
  • Sightseeing around places with cultural, architectural and historical significance
  • Observation of beautiful natural landscapes including Himalayan peaks
  • One Night stay in Buddhist monastery namobuddha , pray and eat with monk
  • Basic course on Eastern Philosopy , yoga and mediation ( 3 hr session )
  • Pokhara-- the beautiful city of lakes on the foothill of Annapurna and Machapuchre


  • Exploration of the national park of Chitwan on elephant, jeep safari and canoeing.
  • visit to our community supported School for underprivileged student with NGO we support READI NGO .10 % of this trip will go to our supported NGO .
  • Explore the local markets of Kathmandu Valley and our secret exploration
  • Taste the authentic Nepali cuisine with cultural dance from different ethnicities of Nepal.
  • Explore the countryside of Nepal during the scenic drive.
  • Exploration of the national park of Chitwan, jeep safari, Jungle Safari and canoeing.



You will be picked up at the airport by one of our colleagues whom you will spot holding a sign bearing your name. H/She will escort you to our vehicle and then you will be transferred directly to your hotel. This is your free day in Kathmandu.

Overnight at Kathmandu

Day 02: You have rendezvous with your guide at 9 AM in the hotel lobby from where you will commence the Kathmandu tour. Before departing from the hotel, the guide will provide a short introduction on the activities of the day.

 Day starts with a tour of Pashupatinath temple , regarded as one of the holiest temple for Hindus worldwide .It is dedicated to a manifestation of Shiva called Pashupati (Lord of Animals). Pashupatinath temple’s existence dates back to 400 AD. The ornamented pagoda houses the sacred Linga or phallic system of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come to pay homage to this temple that is also called ‘The Temple of Living Beings’. Inside the temple Lord Shiva is available in four faces . All these faces have different names and significance . The face facing east is known as Tatpurusha and the one facing south Aghora . Similarly , the faces looking west and north are known by the name Sadhyojata and Vamadeva respectively . The upper portion of this linga is known as Ishan . These faces are also defined as the symbol of four dhamas and four Vedas ( sacred book of Hindus).                    

You will head to the city of Patan which is the second largest of the 3 major cities of the Kathmandu valley. After a short stroll around the Durbar square that gives you an idea of the past regime and culture of this ancient Kingdom, you will visit a number of Buddhist shrines and monasteries founded in the ancient and medieval period some of which even date back to the BC era, including Mahaboudha temple, Golden temple, Rudra varna mahavihara, Ashoka stupa etc.


After lunch you will drive to Boudhanath Stupa which is claimed to be one of largest Stupas in the world and the most important pilgrimage site for the followers of Tibetan vajrayana Buddhism. This Buddhist  complex which in the form of a mandala when observed aerially is adorned with prayer wheels on the outside and is circumnavigated daily by a horde of visitors, religious or non-religious.


Your final destination of the day is another buddhist heritage of the valley , Swayambhunath stupa, situated at a vantage point that caters to you a good sunset view of the valley. Believed to have risen spontaneously (thus its name) from a lotus seed planted by an ancient Buddha of past eon, the shrine is commonly known as ‘’monkey temple’’ as you can observe these impish yet harmless beasts running around in group or alone without any concern of the world. 

Evening 3 hrs Eastern philosophy and spirituality session with our expert .

Overnight at Kathmandu

Day 03: After breakfast, you will visit a hilltop Buddhist pilgrimage site called Namo Buddha. It is believed that Buddha in one of his previous lives as a prince overwhelmed by compassion fed himself to a hungry tigress and her 3 cubs. The site seats an ancient monastery Tharung Tashi Yangtse of Karma Kagyu tradition. The peaceful viewpoint also offers a good range of panoramic scenaries of the Himalaya.


In Namobuddha you will stay at Namobudhha monstary with the monk and observe the monk pray and eat together .

Day 04:

You will start your journey early in the morning to Lumbini or the birthplace of Buddha. You will descend to an elevation of about 150m via 9 hours ride along 3 different highways, so you will instantly feel the temperature difference at your arrival. You will have a free afternoon at Lumbini of which you may avail by visiting the marketplace around.

Overnight at Lumbini

Day 05:

You will commence your sightseeing of this largest Buddhist religious complex of Nepal by visiting the historical remains pertaining to the birth of Buddha and its records including bathing pond, the nativity spot, Mayadevi temple, Ashoka pillar etc. Subsequently, you will visit the monastic zone comprising of Buddhist monasteries of both Theravada and Mahayana tradition belonging to several countries in the world where Buddhism is practiced. 

Overnight at Lumbini


Day 06:

The 6th day is marked with visit to the religious and archaeological sites of Tilaurakot or the ancient kingdom where Siddhartha Gautama spent his first 29 years before renouncing in the search of The Ultimate Truth. Some of the places that you visit are Kudan where the father of Buddha received him after his enlightenment, Sagarhawa or the place of the massacre of Shakya clan, Gothihawa and Gothihawa thought to be the birthplace of two ancient Buddhas etc.

Overnight at Bhairahawa/Lumbini


Day 07:

Drive to Chitwan : The journey towards southern belt starts early and in approximately 4 hours you will reach our jungle resort situated at one of buffer zones of the Chitwan national park. You will embark on few jungle activities like birdwatching tour and/or jungle walk on the discretion of the nature guide.  In the evening you will delight in the traditional stick dance performed by native Tharu people who dwelled the forest area even when it was uninhabitable.

Overnight at Chitwan

Day 08 :  Activities at Chitwan National park , lakes Tharu Village , visit to Tharu museum

Day  09 : You will partake in a number of adventurous jungle activities including canoeing along Rapti river, visit to the elephant breeding center, , jeep safari, etc. Apart from one horned rhinoceros, crocodiles and deer which are normal sight of the national park, you might even see tiger, leopard or python if you’re lucky. Besides animals, there are nearly 450 different species of birds in the park that will render the forest safari colorful.

Overnight at Chitwan

Day 10 Drive to Pokhara Roughly 7 hours of drive along the winding riparian highway  will take you to Pokhara, the second biggest tourist destination in Nepal after Kathmandu. The valley has at its disposal a number of attractions and activities including lakes a couple of which are canoe-able, breathtaking views of snow-white peaks, stupa and temples, viewpoints etc. You have a free day in Pokhara which you may utilize by canoeing at Phewa lake or just strolling around its banks. In the evening, you might want to partake in the nightlife of the town. 

Overnight at Pokhara

Day 11  You will set out early in the morning to the hilltop village of Sarangkot in order to relish the magnificent sunrise on the Himalaya. After getting back to the hotel for the breakfast, you will then visit chief attractions of Pokhara including Davies falls, Gupteshwar cave, international mountain museum, before concluding at Phewa lake where you can go for boating if you like.

Overnight at Pokhara


Day 12

You will fly back to Kathmandu after breakfast  , we will visit 45 mins drive in Changunaryan village where we have collaborated with READI an NGO , supporting education of the underprivileged kids . Be a part of the journey to visit the kids and local communites of Changunarayan

Overnight at Kathmandu


Day 13: Half day explore the local communites and school , and then free half day in Kathmandu for shoping